Farming Partners

We are a group of farming geeks who have come together to farm on a number of dairy farms and heifer rearing farms in Scotland and Ireland.

We specialise in grass-based farming, meaning that we grow as much green grass as possible and then turn this grass into high quality food in the form of milk from cows. Due to the grass plant not growing in the winter we calf our cows in the spring as grass starts to grow and then dry the cows off just before Christmas.

We feed our cows silage (preserved grass) during the winter months.

We love farming and the way we farm and while this approach sounds simple, working with mother nature and the various seasons takes a lot of determination and skill. We have invested heavily in our farms to allow us to do this efficiently. We've also invested heavily in ourselves to have the skills to do a really high-quality job on our farms.

The business model that we use is a partnership-based approach where we partner with a land owner who are passionate about their farm and want their farm well farmed. We have people who have the skills to run a grass-based system with a track record of delivering consistent profits. We believe in the future of farming and invest in farming when we have the opportunity and resources to do so.

We are always looking for more farming geeks to join the club. If you think you have what it takes to be a farmer, contact us.